Karly Loveling brings songs to life, weaving hearts and harmony through community songleading, songwriting, improvisation, classes, and events. With a background in dance and a tremendous love of song and community, Karly leads with her whole heart and body. Karly’s own soul journey has taught her how to let emotions and songs flow through her in an ever-moving, healing stream, bringing prolific, authentic, meaningful songs into the world; songs that inspire her community and ripple outward.

Enlivened by sharing these songs and learning to use signs from ASL as she sings, Karly is currently devoted to zoom singing where she can continue to learn from beloved singer/teacher/friend, Dawn Song. Karly is confident leading groups in song in many environments, relishing the harmonies and sense of connection we can experience when we come together in our hearts and voices. As a Community Choir Leadership Training graduate, Karly is a part of the Ubuntu Network of choirs who believe that the joy of singing is a universal birthright, and that together, we can help improve the world by joining voices in song.

“Karly Loveling is a fairy priestess-wonder-woman-power house of a song leader. She has a particular energetic enthusiasm that spreads like wildfire. Her voice is beautiful, smooth, and easy and her spirit is lit. I have witnessed Karly organize a hodgepodge gaggle of inexperienced singers with questionable skill into a harmonious haven of heartfelt music!

I have personally been incredibly inspired by Karly Loveling and her regenerative songs – just as much as I have been inspired by amazing, internationally acclaimed, motivational writers and speakers such as Brene Brown, Liz Gilbert, and Glennon Doyle. Karly’s songs compliment their messages so perfectly. As are their words, her music is true gold in our times.”

-Heather Kidd

“Karly Loveling is my favorite song leader. The songs she writes, shares, and sings are so profoundly meaningful and uplifting. I feel like she channels in the angels. I get a total and complete energetic upgrade, feeling my mind, body, and soul in deep resonance and alignment with the celestial beings. Afterward, I feel more clear and connected to my soul. If you haven’t experienced singing with Karly Loveling, you must! She is raising the vibration of the planet by sharing her songs with the people, providing soul nourishment through vocal medicine.”

-Abby Rose Wolf

“Hi Karly!

I’ve been leading song circles for a while now, and I can tell you that witnessing you lead gave me a live example I aspire to.

I appreciate the way you break down the parts and how you hold the rhythm with your whole body. I find it quite inspiring that you’re making the effort to learn how to sign your songs and I found the signs so helpful for learning and following you.

Your lyrics, melodies and arrangements SO speak to me! Your subject choices and how you express emotion really touched my heart. I love how vulnerably you share your heart through your musical gift.

Thank you for catching and sharing such beautiful inspiring songs!”

-Alicia Claire