Join us in heart and harmony as we sing life-affirming songs that will ground you, lift your spirits, and give you strength for navigating the wild times we are living in. We are a non-performance-oriented singing group that sings for the pure joy, healing, depth and connection that community singing offers. All songs are taught by ear and many people find themselves singing them throughout the week, right when they need to hear them most. Come be surprised by the harmonies we create together… all voices welcome!

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“Thanks for increasing exponentially the amount of joy expressed on earth by doing what you do!” -Jane Katra

“I have such deep respect and appreciation of your gifts. Your voice is so beautiful and the songs are so beautiful, well-written, and catchy carrying such clear messages. YES! YES!”  -Shireen Amini

“You’re a super duper songleader, Karly!” -Kjerstin Starr

“Your circles are an expression of such immense love and joy!” -Susan Bertozzi

“These gatherings are holy. It is so special to connect and be in community this way. This meets so many needs for me!” -Judy

“Thanks for being energizing, fun, down-to-earth, and real as a songleader!” -SM

“I’ve never done anything like that. It totally hit the spot!” -Kai Madrone

“Thank you for hosting & leading such a fun, meaningful event. This gathering was exactly the balm my soul needed after a long 12 hr shift. I’m looking forward to the next one!” -Amy Pendelton-May

“I don’t say this lightly… this is life-saving.” -M

Let’s Keep In Touch!

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All voices are welcome!