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Sing in Community

“Thanks for increasing exponentially the amount of joy expressed on earth by doing what you do!” -Jane Katra

“I have such deep respect and appreciation of your gifts. Your voice is so beautiful and the songs are so beautiful, well-written, and catchy carrying such clear messages. YES! YES!”  -Shireen Amini

“You’re a super duper songleader, Karly!” -Kjerstin Starr

“Your circles are an expression of such immense love and joy!” -Susan Bertozzi

“These gatherings are holy. It is so special to connect and be in community this way. This meets so many needs for me!” -Judy

“Thanks for being energizing, fun, down-to-earth, and real as a songleader!” -SM

“I’ve never done anything like that. It totally hit the spot!” -Kai Madrone

“Thank you for hosting & leading such a fun, meaningful event. This gathering was exactly the balm my soul needed after a long 12 hr shift. I’m looking forward to the next one!” -Amy Pendelton-May

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